Madrid is the Best Revenge

Well ok, maybe not the best. But it is a delightful city and we are having a lovely time here even if there’s quite a bit of rain. Most of it we’ve avoided by being inside. Isn’t that a novel concept? The other nice thing about museums is the art. The Prado is really spectacular.  A great mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and that really old stuff. We were going to enjoy standing in front of Las Meninas when a pesky guard actually blocked our view to force us out of the museum. It was closing time, but still.

Guernica may have been over-hyped by friends who’ve seen it, but I wasn’t terribly impressed. It didn’t help that the imaging equipment in the gallery made it look as if it was under construction. We’ll take another look soon. Reina Sophia is just across the street from our very nice AirBnB, a great resource for cheap accommodations anywhere.

I am feeling great. My tiny focal seizures continue to occur every three or four days, but have little to no impact on my happiness or performance. A recent MRI came through exactly the same as all the others: no change. The radiation wasn’t expected to have any visible positive effect, but statistically speaking, it will “improve my mortality.” The negatives have been minor, my hair is growing back and anyway, I’m enjoying having it short.

All in all, life is good. So, hasta la vista, niños! Voveré con un intérprete.

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8 Responses to Madrid is the Best Revenge

  1. Leslie Simmer says:

    This may sound shallow, but I must say, the new hair is a good look for you, Kevin. I should be coming out of edit jail soon and will be hunting you guys down this summer, if you’re available. Sending hugs in the meantime.

  2. Susan says:

    Que le vaya bien. me llena con envidia, tu viaje, Susana del oeste

  3. Glad to see another post, I’ve been wondering how things are going. Love your short hair and the quick glimpse into your Madrid time. Hope the sun shines on you a bit, but even if it doesn’t, I know you will make good fun of it all. Love to you both.

  4. Like the short ‘do, Kevin!

  5. Annie says:

    Great meetings with Madrileno activists architects and agriculturalists yesterday.
    Now, off to the flea market!

  6. R.T. Morse says:

    Great to hear from you and by inferrence, Annie too. I hope thier ecomomic woes don’t dampen their spirits or your’s there. Keep on posting! Thatcher

  7. Hugh Hawkins says:

    Great to hear of the successes, and to see the new hair. Glad for Jesse’s sake that AirBnB works out. Am I wrong to keep thinking you’re headed for Barcelona?

    • Kevin Pierce says:

      Annie meets her AIC cohort in Bilbao and then moves on to Barcelona. I go back to work. Well, I guess she’s working too!

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