It’s not Brain Surgery

Well actually, it might be.

Pseudo progression or progression could be causing some of my current symptoms which include some uncoordination on my left side, fatigue, and balance issues caused by fluid in my brain pressing on the wrong spots. The doctor team is working on a proposed plan and surgery will be considered. Just poke a hole and drain out the fluid to relieve the symptoms. At the same time they can figure out if the pressure is caused by tumor growth or accumulation of dead cells by pathological analysis. And maybe resect  (remove) much of the tumor at the same time. I don’t like he idea of surgery. Cutting into the skull just seems WRONG. I mean come on. Let’s just cut the head off and stick it in a jar with computer controlled animatics to give the illusion of me. I’m just an illusion anyway. Conditions just happen to collude for me to manifest In any case, no sense worrying over things I can’t control.

I am glad I have Annie here to help formulate all the right questions about the implications of alternative plans. If she could do the surgery, I’d pick her for the job. Now the doctors here are some of the best in the country and they know lots of stuff and how to do it. They just seem to be a bit slow in communication.

On the bright side, It looks like nothing needs to happen fast and I might actually go home tonight to start the next wait and see period.

The uncertainty of when is worse than that of what at this point. After all, I’ve already had brain  surgery for the original biopsy. And it was kind of cool.

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5 Responses to It’s not Brain Surgery

  1. arthur myer says:

    I echo the “good to hear from you Kevin” comment. Good to hear from you, Kevin (there, I added a comma, just to be different). Yay! to Annie for keeping it all in focus.

  2. Elizabeth Krol says:

    Thinking of you! Thank you for the update and good humor
    Best of luck with this next surgery, Kevin!

  3. keith watson says:

    Good to hear from you Kevin. Hope you get some answers to clarify matters soon and if you need an automobile ride in a super-boss vehicle please let me know. –Smithers the Chauffeur

  4. Jane says:

    You do be soooo good.

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