If it ain’t fixed, fix it again

The chemo regime we’ve just gone though was a breeze. Virtually no side effects, except… It doesn’t seem to have worked. as we had hoped it would to slow if not destroy the tumor. But neither happened. in the last six weeks the darn thing is back where it was before the surgery. Well, it is what it is. THat’s one heck of a side effect. GBM* is an aggressive cancer. So what’s the next step?

More surgery.

It’s scheduled for this coming a tuesday.9/2. So mark your calendars, start your visualizations and wait for the checkered flag! that’s what I’ll be doing as I lie in my comfy or at least, adjustable, hospital bed and await room service. “Room service!” they say cheerfully as they stand just inside he door to take my order for the next serving of hospital food. It’ not bad really, especially with that modicum of choice…

After that? Likely another course of chemo with a different drug. Or drugs. Turns out I’m eligible for a clinical study (i.e. experiment) involving two new approaches. I’ll have to pick one. And once again we will wait and see. But that choice is yet to come. I guess that epitomizes life– choice…

Soon someone will stand at the door and with a Knock, knock, they’llsay “surgery”! just as cheerfully… Then user I’ll go.

Iv’e made that choice. The next is yet to come. But I know Annie will be there to help me think it through…

*GBM GlioBlastoma multiform.

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9 Responses to If it ain’t fixed, fix it again

  1. Barbara K. says:

    We are rootin’ for you both K+A. Sending positive vibrations with much love. Guldens Brown Mustard – ha! Golly, Gulden’s greasy butt brown boomerang banjo mustard medicine man for sure : )

  2. Lia says:

    Lots of love to you, my friend, and all best wishes for a super-successful surgery on Tuesday and speedy recovery thereafter.

  3. Matthew Girson says:

    I thought GBM stood for Gulden’s Brown Mustard! Or Go Banjo Man! Or greasy boomerang! Or Golly, butt medicine! Or Golly, Gulden’s greasy butt brown boomerang banjo mustard medicine man.

  4. Mary Mackay says:

    We are so sorry to hear you’ve got to go under again, but so glad you’ve both got the spirit you have that keeps you plowing (or as I’d really say, ploughing) ahead. We are visualizing in prep for Tuesday and keeping an eye out for that checkered flag. Sending much love and good thoughts from us both, holding you in the light.

  5. Hugh says:

    Two thoughts: It surely helps to keep your sense of humor. And, since life is full of experiments, there is much to be said for another one. And PS: As ever day, “wish you were here.”

  6. Susan Morse says:

    Damn, … those surgeons need to get their ducks in a row….down with glios, may they shrivel…
    i will get my Quaker team to hold you in the light, We’all love y’all. Big hugs!

  7. Diana says:

    Dear K + A,
    We will be sending you our best visualizations for success on 10/2 ! They may include talking chameleons and dancing ninjas. Thanks for the update.
    Love, Diana, Carmaig, Dinko and Aurelia

  8. Robin Trucksess says:

    We will be thinking of you and sending positive vibrations on Oct.2 from the Seattle contingent. Lots of love to both you and Annie, Robin & Joseph

  9. Annie says:

    You better believe it.

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