Gentlemen. Start your engines

The time has come. I wait in a small room having been dotted with fiducials and scanned via MRI AGAIN. Annie doing some last minute grooming. and scratching my back. Ahahah… So good to me. I’m hungry as heck no food since our b-day dinner last night; a bit belated but delicious dinner at Bouchon. Pre-op sitting meditation, feeling all the good vibes that are coming my way. Thank you all.

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14 Responses to Gentlemen. Start your engines

  1. Susan Morse says:

    Glad to here the ‘procedure’ has ended. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Brian says:

    Jennifer and I are both thinking of you Kevin. Say hello to Annie, we still have great memories of our visit to Chicago. Hope to see you in Chicago again soon.

  3. Craig P says:

    Piece of cake (after surgery). Lots of stuff to get done around this town, you’re a big part of it. Get better fast.

  4. Lise & Didier says:

    Indians would say it’s an auspicious day for a surgery–it’s Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Peaceful and loving vibes from the Oak Park circle of the Kevin&Annie mandala of friends.

  5. Lise & Didier says:

    Indians would say it’s an auspicious day for your surgery–it’s Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, now a national holiday. Peaceful and loving vibes from the Oak Park circle of the Kevin&Annie mandala of friends.

  6. Leslie Simmer says:

    Sending you loving vibes, hugging you both with my mind. Dr. Chase is the best there is, you are in truly great hands. Looking forward to seeing you guys during a hopefully speedy recovery process.

  7. Lia says:

    Ditto & Ditto! (fiducials?… always nice to learn a new word…)

  8. And the race is on! We’ll be cheering & waiting for your WIN at the finish line!
    Love You, Robin & Joseph

  9. Claire Woolley says:

    I’m pulling for you, Kevin and adding to all of those good vibes that you’re feeling coming your way.

  10. Katie Kaluzny says:

    Sending good vibes your way all day, Kevin 🙂

  11. R.T. Morse says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both!

  12. Mary Mackay says:

    Are we ladies allowed to start our engines, too? Thinking of you both today and sending lots of love–so glad you had a good meal to prep yourselves! xox

  13. Arthur Myer says:

    Kevin, I am sending all my thought waves your way. I hope they help to make them mis-behavin’ neurons get back in line and divide the way they’re supposed to. On the other hand, if that doesn’t work (you never know, it might not!) I sure do hope that this operation to expel the troublemakers will teach the other ones just what happens to naughty neurons, and that you can quit sticking your head in a giant humming donut. Best wishes to you and Annie.

  14. Kendra says:

    Sending the very best of vibes and birthday wishes from way over here.
    -Kendra & Tim

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