Not Dead Yet. Responsibilities of the Invalid

It has been said that there are two kinds of people, people who think there are two kinds of people, and people who don’t. In the cancer world there are in fact at least two kinds of people: the patients/ victims/survivors, and then, most important, the caregivers. In our tumor support group each of these two groups tend to have separate support sessions: survivors with survivors, etc., — separate from the caregivers–the idea being, I suppose, that support from those in your shoes provides greater insight and information.   Then a special category, the invalid. One enfeebled in mind and body and usually old.

I’m a survivor of my first surgery in late July. Before that surgery and the second in October I asked the surgeon what impact it would have on my cognitive capacities. Retaining my ability to think is my biggest concern in this whole adventure. I was a bit surprised to learn that the resection would have a predictable impact on my vision. Seemed a little late. He indicated I’d probably have a pork chop-shaped occlusion in my upper-left visual field. Cognitive, but not in the way I’m concerned about about really. I’ve been feeling a bit the invalid recently. My vision is off — it’s hard to see the computer screen. That porkchop-shaped loss of visual field has really taken a toll on my left peripheral vision, which means that if we pass each other on the sidewalk, my left shoulder may give you a solid knock. Nothing personal. Just my porkchop acting up.

Brain Fog

My theory, yet to be confirmed is that insane asylums were created as hospitals for the no longer valid — the invalids.

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4 Responses to Not Dead Yet. Responsibilities of the Invalid

  1. Darcy says:

    You are so missed. Love you, dar.

  2. Susan Morse says:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. I’m hoping they’ll let you into any of the groups you want to be in, since you have at some time qualified for them all.
    I hope you are eating your vegetables and some Easter goodies, too.
    Glad to hear your weather is warming up a bit there.
    Love and hugs.

  3. Jane Wenger says:

    Always interesting Kevin. Hopefully that pork chop becomes a lamb chop then a wishbone. I wish the best for you from Japan.

  4. Amy says:

    If your witty blog entries are the result of brain fog, I’d like to get some of that. The porkchop sounds challenging.

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